#NewComicBookDay Week 30 – Jul 26th, 2017

#NewComicBookDay for the week of July 26, 2017 was a huge week for new releases but featured this week is Rick and Morty #28 which is going to be delivering us the only Interdimensional Cable 3 we will be getting this year as it has been announced that the next season of Rick and Morty will not feature an “IC” episode. Pick this up before it sells out!


This week’s pulls include:

DC’s All-Star Batman #12 dropped which continues this great story arc. I have been enjoying this book and am looking forward to reading this issue.

Detective Comics #961 is continuing the story of Azrael and the A.I. Suit of the Order of St.Dumas. Great story so far!

Hal Jordan and The Green Lantern Corps. #25 seems to be a massive turning point for Soranik as she and the Yellow Lanterns seem to be clashing with the Green Lanterns. Anniversary issue with extra pages, this should be a good jumping on point for new readers.

Kamandi Challenge #7 released which continues the wild journey of Kamandi and his travels as the last boy on Earth while top-class DC writers & artists toy with his fate!

Young Animal’s Doom Patrol #7 came out and this series is by far my favourite Young Animal book that comes out monthly. The book is coming together while still being quirky and genuinely great.

Marvel released Secret Empire #7 continuing this thrilling event series by Nick Spencer. I am hooked on this story.

Edge of Venom-Verse #3 dropped which is a story about an alternate universe where Ghost Rider had gained the Symbiote and its abilities. This prelude series is a fun primer leading to the Venom-Verse event, coming soon!

Thanos #9 continues this week as Thanos teams up with those who sought to take him out. Will Thanos rise to power, or will he not live long enough to see his son Thane (whom is imbued with the Phoenix Force) taken down?


Dark Horse put out Black Hammer #11 this week continuing Jeff Lemire’s super hero universe homage where the heroes are imprisoned in a contained world. I love this book and Jeff Lemire’s variant covers when it comes to Black Hammer.

IDW dropped Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #72 as we see the fallout of The Turtles eaves dropping on the Baron Toad, Rat King, Kitsune and the rest of their ancient family. This book does a great job of weaving in TMNT Universe story while being wholly cohesive and gripping. I can never say enough about the awesomeness that is TMNT ongoing by IDW.

Image/Skybound released Outcast #29 continuing Robert Kirkman’s fantastic demon/excorcism story. This series is well worth going back and reading from the start before this book gets as big as Walking Dead!

Oni Press put out Rick and Morty #28 officially titled “Interdimensional Cable III” as we experience an issue of the comic doing my personal favourite of all the episodes, but in comic book version. This book does it justice however I feel that if we were told this issue of the comic was randomly developed much like those episodes, I would appreciate this book more. Season 3 of the show will also not be airing an Interdimensional Cable episode so pick this book up if you need your fill of wacky random awesomeness!





Valiant dropped Faith And The Future Force #1 in which begins a new adventure for hit character Faith.


Harbinger Renegade #5 released last week however my copy came in this week. This issue is massive in impact with huge moments that strike the Valiant universe. Cover B of this issue had a warning on the front of the cover to prepare readers for the devastating  oments within. This book is a great lead in to the upcoming Harbinger Wars 2 event.

X-O Manowar #5 came out continuing Matt Kindt & Doug Braithewright’s new series that is re-inventing the Aric of Dacia character!



This week was full of these books and many more that might suit your tastes. Visit your #LCS local comic shop and discover farm fresh comics today!


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