#NewComicBookDay Week 32 – Aug 9th, 2017

#NewComicBookDay for the week of August 9th, 2017 released quite an array of books, featuring Mister Miracle #1 from DC comics. This book is written by Tom King (writer of The Vision, Batman, etc.) and drawn by Mitch Gerads (Sheriff of Babylon, The Punisher, etc.) which is a story honouring Jack Kirby’s great New Gods character Mister Miracle, or also known as Scott Free. Tom King is a radical writer who is known for putting his unique spin on great characters and this book is surely to be another hit series, if all of the previews or hype is considered.



This weeks pulls include:

DC’s Mister Miracle #1 which is this weeks way for DC to honour the late Jack “King” Kirby and his fantastic and not-often-used New Gods character. This book will surely be a smash hit that will be a fresh take on this character.



Detective Comics #962 releases which ends the ‘Intelligence’ storyline giving Azrael a brand new status quo, and a massive revelation for the Dark Knight as he is given some information that might give him hope for the future.

Hal Jordan & The Green Lantern Corps. #26 releases beginning a new story where the GLC must confront some New Gods. This new story ‘Fall of The Gods’ should be a great pick-me up after the not so interesting story arc that just finished up.



Marvel released Secret Empire #8 continuing the great event by Nick Spencer which gives the readers and the characters a bright light at the end of the tunnel for our heroes. Sam Wilson being Captain America again is a great feeling as it seems to be his rightful role as a super hero rather than being strictly The Falcon.


Edge of Venomverse #4 gives us an alternate timeline where Old Man Logan had adventured with young Bruce Banner, however later on he is brought back to the X-Mansion where he murdered his X-friends and X-family. This issue is amazing as it gives us the Devil Dinosaur that possessed the Venom symbiote, and in the end we see Old Man Logan become one with the Venom symbiote. This pre-quel series is a great primer leading up to the Venomverse event coming up in a couple months.


Image Comics released a brand new series Redlands #1 which seems to be an enigmatic and dark story set in early 70s mid-west America, where people in towns are being dealt a sort of justice towards the injustices found in the cities. The issue opens up with racist cops lynching black people, and ends with a lot of cops being murdered by three super women who dislike injustice. This book seems to deal with demons and get social justice in a time where the defenseless were about to begin fighting for their human rights. Discover this new book for yourself today before it sells out!

Dynamite released Sovereigns #4 continuing a dark journey to bring life back to the world, and rid the world of the dark entity that exists on it. We are shown the aftermath of the fight on the moon between Solar and the dark entity, and Magnus’ final journey to save the day. Lots of fun revelations in the book, with beautiful art by Johnny Desjardins to compliment the dark gritty details of this world.

Red Sonja #7 released… however I just think red-heads are hot and this cosplay variant features a gorgeous cosplayer as Red Sonja.

IDW’s TMNT Universe #13 releases continuing ‘Karai’s Revenge’ story, while TMNT: Dimension X #2 drops continuing this brand new story set in a wild & wacky dimension. TMNT is a great ongoing series, while these books have a high release frequency at the moment, I am compelled to read them all… need I say more?!


Discover these great books and more at your #LCS local comic shop!!!



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